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14 Apr


This is a reblog from the NCKA forum. The Lost Anchovy is in full support of this effort. Please consider donating or buying a raffle ticket to support Stephkillsit. You do not need to know her personally but consider “Paying it forward” to help a fellow human being. Karma is something we can’t buy it must come from the heart and willingness to always consider others before ourselves . –Keith

Original Message from NCKA member Rider

StephKillsit, a NorCal Kayak Angler and all around badass, has had the unthinkable happen. About 2 weeks ago out of the blue Stephanie Lopez aka StepKillsit started having seizures to the point she has had to be completely sedated to stop them. She has been moved to UCSF and is under the best care possible. But still the Dr’s have not been able to diagnose and treat the cause of the seizures. When they try to reduce the medication Steph’s seizures immediately return.

The NorCal Kayak Anglers community is known for taking care of its own. After reading in more detail about what Steph has been going through it tore me up inside. The owners of California Canoe & Kayak (Keith Miller & Tammy Borichevsky) contacted asking them to donate a kayak to be raffled off for Steph. I got a call back quicker than I was expecting and I could hear the concern for Steph in Keith’s voice. He told me that as soon as he and Tammy read my email there was no hesitation in their decision. So I will be picking up a new 2013 Hobie Quest 13 from the Rancho Cordova shop next week.

We will be raffling off this 2013 Hobie Quest13, and the tickets will cost $20 each.

All $$ raised will go to Steph and her family to help them through this terrible time in their life, and if there is any left over it will stay in the Pay It Forward (PIF) fund for future NCKA members in need. If you want to know more about the PIF, there are more details here:

The drawing will take place on Saturday April 29, 2017 via live video on Facebook. The winner of the kayak will either need to pick up, coordinate pickup via “NCKA express”, or pay for shipping.

Please, please, please if you have the ability to help buy a raffle ticket, make a donation, and share this as much as you can so we can make sure that during this time all Steph and her family’s focus is on her health.  If nothing else please say a prayer or send healing thoughts to Steph.

Here is the link to buy raffle tickets or make a donation.


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