The Lost Anchovy Fishing Report – July 28, 2017

29 Jul

The Lost Anchovy Fishing Report – July 28, 2017

Well, i couldn’t stand it any longer. The salmon reports from HMB around the deep reef were just too much to sit around and watch. I did the unthinkable and took  a charter to investigate the carnage myself. Here is my first hand report–IT’S ALL TRUE.The fish were on the bite the minute we arrived on the scene after a 2.5 hour trek down the SF coast line and 4 beers later. It was absolute mayhem with multiple hook up all morning long. However, its not all happy dances and unicorn farts.  The fish are a smaller grade then what we have come to expect but they are respectable with most fish avg. 5-8 lbs and a few larger ones in the 20-25 class mixed in. We achieved boat limits by 11:30 a.m.

  • King Salmon on the lovely martha
    Lost Anchovy on the coast

The Tomales bay bite slowed down with the larger tides last week (to be expected). There seemed to be more sharks and rays in the mix then respectable halibut, however, the butts are still out there for those willing to put in the time. The size of the fish also seemed to have diminished.(at least for me), but a local angler told me he nailed a 35 lber near the island.

In the bay, there have been some action around the Crissy fields area. There have been larges schools of anchovies that worked their way into the SF bay bringing the stripers, halibut and whales along with them. A few lucky kayakers were able to nail some flatties in the area.

Finally, the squid have shown up in Monterey bay/SC area. Read Allen B. report here. Many anxious anglers are still waiting for the word that the WSB have shown up, but this chovie has yet to hear of anything solid.

Side Note: Ok, i need to report this cause i thought it was really impressive. After years of getting gouged by big red (aka Verizon) and their excessive bills and screwing their customers, i decided to switch to T-mobile. (cut my bill by almost half). I was apprehensive but heard good things about their network. Check this out! 13 miles off shore and i’m still getting service!! That’s insane! Satisfied customer- “hey Verizon do you hear me now?” 

Good luck out there; be safe and tight lines–LA.

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