2018 Herring Spawn Reports

4 Jan

2018 Herring Spawn Reports

It is that time of the year again. The 2018 herring spawn is set to begin in a few days and anxious fisherman, sea gulls and sea lions are waiting in earnest.  The tiny fish make their migration into the bay each year setting off a chain reaction up and down the food chain.I thought that I would keep an ongoing log of spawns that i hear on this post.  So check back to this post for updates, or provide your own updates via the comments!!!





(Herring hunters awaiting the spawn at ferry point)

I’m anxious to get this thing going. Experiencing these run is an experience for fisherman and wildlife fans everywhere. It is truly one of the last urban fisheries in the bay area. Follow this blog and get on them. It is a lot cheaper than a ticket to the movies and a whole lot of fun for kids.








(Kids having fun herring hunting!)

Update: I went to ferry point today in anticipation of the herring spawn. The herring have been staging about 100-200 ft outside the pier.  There have been some scouts that have begun to come in but the Major spawn has yet to happen. I anticipate the rain this week and the large tides will get these fish horny enough to make the run. Let’s cross our fingers that it is going to happen soon.

Update 1.7.2018: There looks to be a herring spawn at Aqua vista Park this afternoon. Sunday 1.7.2018. The best place to throw a cast net is on the left corner, away from all the rocks. There are lots of submerged rocks and underwater debris near the opening of the pier. (Stay away from throwing there). There will be lots of OG herring hunters (aggressive old asian men). I advise this isn’t the best place for a kids gathering. It’s a small pier to if you are willing to combat fish, there are herring to be had.

Update 1.9.2018:

Ok. I had to go to Aqua Vista Park to see if there was actually any action. Arrived at the park by 7 p.m. yesterday (1.8.2018). It was cold. It was raining, but “rain or shine” it’s herring time! The pier was  occupied  by a dozen or so OG herring hunters with their trash cans and trucks. The spawn was on but it was not wide open. Gull and Sea Lions were working the outside, but smaller schools worked their way into the rocks to spawn. Most OG hunters caught about 4-5 fish per cast with the occasional 20 on good throws.  It wasn’t wide open but there was fish to be had. Go get’em if they are still around.

There also looks to be a spawn at mcCovy cove if they have moved on from aqua Vista Park.

  • Aqua Vista Park
    Aqua Vista Park

Update 1.17.2017:

Last week there was some fish circling around the Richardson Bay area (Tiburon). There hasn’t been word yet of a full spawn but the fish are there. However, there looks to be a current spawn at Coyote as of 1.17.2017. It looks like the spawn may have happened yesterday but it is still going on now…so get your herring ON!

Side Note: I would also look around Fisherman’s point to see if there are spawning fish.

7 thoughts on “2018 Herring Spawn Reports

  1. The anticipation is killing me. I’ve been dreaming of netting herring for the past couple weeks now, early every night.

    • Haha it’s ok. I’m the same way, but it will happen eventually. The spawns are an awesome sight to behold.

    • There looks to be a spawn at Coyote Point today if anyone wants to get on them.
      I believe the park closes around 5 p.m.

    • Yeah, seriously, thanks so much for these updates. With spawns coming just once a year, and having to work during the week makes it tough. Really really appreciate your updates!

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