2017 Alameda Rock Wall Halibut Tournament Report

20 Jun

2017 Alameda Rock Wall Halibut Tournament

(This article is written as fictional satire based on real events of the day)

It was a year ago when Ariel brought up the idea about organizing an event. Truth be told, I’ve been considering organizing one for sometime, but also know the amount of work, dedication and effort needed to successfully put one together. We both have a love for the flat fish so the marriage of a tournament wasn’t much a of a stretch.






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“Keith, we should hold a halibut tourney at the wall”
“Why? So we can have people molest baby halibut bro? I’m not into that molesting stuff…”
“I don’t know why you judge? A friend of a friend of shifra told me a 7ft. Filipino OG halibut slayer, says they are pretty tender. I’m just saying don’t be so closed minded bro.” Ariel looking annoyed and more than a little suspect.
“Fool, the only 7ft Filipino dude in the bay area is you!”
“There you go again being racist and assuming sht.”
“Ok. I’m game for it.”

And like… that the Tournament was born. We spent the next 6 months delegating duties and hashing out the details for the event. It was a team effort- internally and with our event sponsors. (much love to them all)Event day came a lot faster than any of us will choose to admit.

I woke up on event day in darkness as the alarm rang. The anxiety of getting everything done haunted my thoughts and I will admit that I didn’t have the most productive sleep.

“Did we get all the forms?? I hope Jon printed out all the forms”
“I got the shirts; the food… I hope no kayaker forgets his seat and ask to borrow mine.”

Jon and I pulled up to the Rockwall as the sun came up. There was steady breeze from the north didn’t dissuade the 20 eager anglers already unloading their cars.

“Hey, do you know where check in is?” angler ask Ariel sea
“I don’t know bro. I’m just the cook. Those event guys are slackers.” (Ariel walks off)

Registration ran chaotically smooth and we got all the registrants checked in.Kayak after kayak loaded and launched as the morning outgoing tide pushed the small boats towards the bay bridge while the morning white caps beat against the hull of each small boat.

“Hey Keith…haha what’s up man. I need a favor.”
“Wazzup up Ricci. Glad you can make it man. You check in with Jon?”
“For sure…Hey! So….I forgot my seat. You going out? Haha Let me borrow your seat?”
“God damn it Ricci. Lol.”, I replied
(I swear if he weren’t my safety-meeting buddy, I would have let him float seat less.)

The morning tides ran its course and wind laid down exposing a beautiful California morning. The fish were voraciously biting but most were small undersize fish; although the eventual winners were a little tight lipped about their catches.






(Kayak Angler against the City backdrop)

“Hey bro…how is the fishing going?” ariel sea chats it up
“Not good I got a lot undersize halibut. Shaker city man.”

“What are you talking about. Those are the best kind. Shhh… I mean I heard from a friend of friend of shifra that a 7ft Filipino OG says molesting baby halibut is completely legal. If you hook up next time to a shaker call me over. ”

 “hmmm…I’m sure that is illegal man.” Angler giving a concern look.

“Those DFG regs is for white people bro. Asians have our own code that has served us for thousands of years…and I’ll tell you molesting baby halibut is a along standing tradition in my culture. Keith is a halibut pedophile. He just keeps it low key. That viet poacher is all over that. Viet people don’t know about size limit bro. I saw him eat an entire baby halibut alive while DFG was going around checking people. He’s an animal.”






(A Julian with a poacher halibut; Safely released)

The tourney took its course and anglers started to come in from the scorching heat that displaced the morning chop. Ariel left to pick up the pig from the restaurant while Anthony, and tiny worked on the bbq and setting up the potluck. The food look delicious as courses started arrived from different anglers. An hour later Ariel arrives back with the main course—BBQ PIG!

“Damn that a nice pig! Areil. Good job” chovie complimenting Ariel.
“Thanks, the owner was really gracious and took care of us. I asked her if she had any bbq dog for you (Keith) but unfortunately they don’t prepare those southeastern delicacies in the states. I told her don’t worry. Keith will eat any dog. He doesn’t care.”

“You can be a real a-hole sometimes; You know I also eat cats—coulda asked.”

The day slowly came to an end and the award ceremony and raffle ran smoothly. Crazy ran around selling tickets faster than he could distribute them; Steve, ako and Rob were the inaugural winners of this year’s event, and graciously accepted the King, Queen and Poacher award.

(Steve with the winning halibut)

All considering we did well…I think” says the Chovie to Ariel.
“haha yeah, when are we going to start thinking about next year?”
“When you get me my bbq dog.”
“You Viet people are nasty.”

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