White Sea Bass Fishing – Coming to a town near you

9 Jul

White Sea Bass Fishing TIME:

Its that time of the month again, No we are not women, so let’s get back to the topic at hand. White Sea Bass season is upon us again. So where will you be this weekend? (July 11-13)

Local HOT Spots:
Capitola (Pleasure Point- Cement Ship)
Santa Cruz (Outside the Harbor)
Monterey (Lover’s Point – Hotel)


It is well documented in the White Sea Bass fishing community that the full moon drives the WSB bite in the monterey bay area. The full moon typically drives the squid to concentrate in an area and the WSB make their move to feed on them. A typical squid school will look like a straight line on a standard fish finder.

Flylining Squid (Basically drifting squid on the surface) is the best way to get them. I would bring multiple rods (4) and make sure all your leaders and line free of any knix, and make sure to have heavy duty hooks!! I can’t emphasis this enough. A WSB bite is undeniable. A big sea bass will easily spool 300 yards.

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