ARW Tournament Rules

ARW Tournament Rules 

General Safety Meeting
There will be a general safety  meeting scheduled at 7 a.m. at the Encinal boat ramp. The safety meeting is mandatory for all participants of the tournament.

Fishing Hours
Fishing will begin at 7:30 am. and all anglers must check in their catch by 2:00 p.m. at the designated check in location. All late entires will be disqualified – No exceptions.

Scoring will be measure by weight of fish. If there is a tie, the length of the fish will determine the winner.

Fishing Boundaries
The Tournament will be limited to the Alameda Rock Wall area. The rock wall fishing area is defined from the end of Ballena blvd to the end of the second wall







Permitted Fishing Method
The tournament will be open to kayaks and paddle boards.  All crafts must be self-propelled either by peddle or paddle.  All fish submitted must be caught by hook and line, and follow all DFG fishing regulations. There shall be no assistance rendered during the hours of the event tournament. All fish must be caught, landed and submitted by the registered participant. Any violation of the above rules will be grounds for disqualification.

Tandem Kayaks
Tandem or dual kayaks are allowed for the event, however, each angler must individually register for the event as a stand alone participant. The rules for permitted fishing method applies to each participant.

Awards Ceremony & Lunch
There will be an awards ceremony following the event. The event lunch and pot luck will be occur immediately after the ceremony.

If there are questions please feel free to contact