2017 ARW Tournament Official Results

Thanks to everyone who attended the ARW 2017 tournament. It was a great success for the inaugural event, and we appreciate all those that came out to participate or just to attend the potluck and raffle.

Here are the official results!!

First Place: (KING OF THE WALL)
Steve S. (29.5 inch halibut and 12 lbs)


Second Place: (QUEEN OF THE WALL)
Ako Culver (26 inch and 8 lbs)


Third Place:[/b] (POACHER OF THE WALL)
Rob Knoles (Racin Rob) (24 inch and 4 lbs)


Finally, the ARW organizing committee will be donating 2,200 dollars raised from the tournament to PIF!! (Pay it Forward).  We look forward to organizing the 2018 ARW tournament, and with all the small halibut caught this year, expectations will be high for 2018.

Event Photo Gallery (Click to view)
ARW photo gallery