Trinidad Salmon and Threshers!

31 Aug

Trinidad Salmon and Threshers!

First, I want to Thank Eric (Loleta Eric) for posting up the HOT bite at Trinidad! He is a great ambassador to the north coast and is always looking to share with other the bounty of his knowledge and catch. Thanks buddy!!
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“DAMN it’s a long drive. I WANT SALMON! LET’S DO THIS!”

I have fished all season for Salmon and by far this last weekend has been the best bite thus far. As many will attest, it has been a spotty season, with flurries of short lived bites up and down the coast filled with countless thresher battles rather than salmon fights.

Won, Me, Tim, Dan and Andrew decided last minute to make a trip up north (6 hours) for a shot at the Salmon in Tdad. The forecast called for mix swells, wind, and a small craft advisory. “BUT WE WANT SALMON!” and would not be deterred.









Let’s get it started!

We met up and drove all night through fog, and mid night showers to arrive at the fishing grounds at daybreak. Much to our surprise the coast was choppy, but fishable. We quickly set up and got OTW by 7:45 a.m.

We went straight out of the harbor and immediately spotted a HUGE anchovy bait ball in 40ft of water and started to mooch underneath them. Shortly around 8:15 a.m. I see the first signs of salmon life with a COHO caught and released by a fellow angler.


As the morning passed we started marking fish under the bait. Smokeonthewater comes outside and radios me that he just got his bait SLAMED and stripped. By now we all started to move with a bit of urgency “feeling” the bite was starting pick up.

A short time later A. Julian, gets hooked up on a Salmon. I see from a distance the net coming out and a BIG WOOOHH!!! As I he draws first blood for the crew!! (one on the boat)

THE BAIT BALL of Salmon Death

With the early morning bite coming to a close it was clear the bait and fish had moved on. We decided it was best to move on from our spot to more productive grounds. We started to move south towards camel rock when Krusty calls on the radio… “GUYS, I’M ON TOP OF A HUGE BALL”.Looking down into the massive ball of bait we saw flashes of Chrome bombarding the bait and scattering them leading to big holes. It was clear we were witnessing a huge “FEEDING FENZY” underway. Some of us trolled while others trooched and mooched, but we all got multiple hits….

except COWMAN.

As I trooched my herring around the bait I immediately get striped. I quickly placed another herring on the hooks and repeated the process. That’s when I see my pole go “TICK TICK TICK”. I grab the pole and reel in to set the hook and my pole goes










From under the bait ball I see the Chrome rise to the surface, head shaking and trying to spit my hook. It takes multiple blistering runs that would make any seasoned salmon veteran heart race but eventually succumbs to the fight and gets netted with ease (Game over)






For the next 45 minutes the same scenario gets played out among the group. Krusty had the hot hand with multiple hook ups and eventually lands a nice chrome of his own. The bait eventually scatters and the bite slowed down so we called it a day.

Day 1 summary

A Julian: 33.5 inch, and 16.5 lbs – (1) released COHO
Lost Anchovy: 28 inch and about 12-13 lbs
Krusty: 25incher and 5-6 lbs.
Smokeonthewater- Released COHO
Cowman – Skunked


By all accounts, day 1 was a success compared to the rest of the season. We were stoked and hope the action would continue on Sunday. We arrived back at the launch before daybreak and launched in total darkness. We meet up with multiple kayakers and Mr. Salmon himself (LoletaEric) shows up for a cameo.

As the sun rose and gave way to blue light we got on a feeding frenzy early in 40ft. Signs looked great!! but not much action under the bait.

As the bait scattered, I worked an area under a kelp bed that had stacks of bait. As I passed the bait, immediately my pole gets SLAMMED big time!! And goes Bendo directly into the water. My reel peels off about 75 ft of line erratically before I could stop it. It was evident the fish was BIG and from experience, most likely a Thresher shark.








After 30 minutes of towing, I see the outline of my friend Mr. Thresher. I call over the radio for some assistance and after 20 minutes of maneuvering we dispatched of it and secured it on my yak.

Man of the hour - 3rd thresh of the year!







The remainder of the morning was slow and cold. We got rained on multiple times but by 10 a.m. the bite started to pick up again. As the bait started to cluster the bites started coming on pretty fast.

TIM, Won, and multiple other kayakers get thresher hits, but all broke off to fight another day. Multiple COHO’s were released and a few kings were caught. We ended the day getting rained on but overall pretty satisfied with an eventful weekend. We had some BBQ thresher fillets, ManDogs and Chicken wings on the grill to end it all off.

Life is Good – Keith.

STAY TUNED: Next episode Blue Fin, Yellowfin and Yellowtail in La Jolla San Diego!!

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