The Suicide Watch Club

7 Aug

The Suicide Watch Club

Depressed Fisherman

Article by – Keith Nguyen (Lost Anchovy)

There comes a time in every kayak fisherman’s life when we are asked to
be on suicide watch for our buddies.  What does that mean?
It means your buddy just lost a fish of a lifetime to some preventable mistake.

This is a very important time and should be taken with great care and responsibility. This tutorial will help you understand the circumstances involving a potential suicide cases and how to handle the situation with empathy, respect and care.


How does it feel?? (When someone is a potential suicide case)


The pain can be best described as:

1)   Getting kicked in the family jewels.
2)   A girl telling you “She only wants to be friends” after you’ve been so NICE to her.
3)   Getting a divorce or breaking up with a long time GF after she told you she’s been cheating on you.

In short, it just makes you sick to your stomach
Question: What are common symptoms?

Trauma Phase – Common Symptoms:

Extreme emotional responses and distress (Big F*bombs can be common)
Unusual silence for a prolonged period accompanied with a slumping of his head.

(You may feel like you’re talking to a Zombie…in fact you maybe)

Blaming others for their faults (“Why did I listen to you!! About that knot”) Sometimes the blame is warranted but you will encounter many illogical statements accompanied. (Reference extreme emotional responses)

Recovery Phase:

Slowly your friend will start to come back to life, this is usually accompanied by him slowly reaching for his rod and heavy sighs. At this point he may go back and forth between “Grief and Recovery”.  (Example: He may reach for the pole, then put it back). Be supportive. It’s not time to bash him yet. The wound is still very new and  rubbing salt on it will only be met with scorn.

Rebound Phase:

At this point the worst is over and he is looking for affirmation that things will get better.

“It happens, what can you do right?”

Proper response: “ You’re right brother, we will get them next time”
Improper response: “Sure, It only happens to you!! Hahaha” (Jackass response)

“We will get him next time”

Proper Response. “ Yeah let’s come back next week and we will kill it”
Improper Response. “Next time? I only fish with Pro’s, Noob.” (Once again, Jackass response)

“I didn’t see that fish… hahah It was probably a batray”
Proper Response: “Yeah, it was pulling strong like a Ray. No worries, it didn’t lose much brother.”
Improper Response: “ Yeah if a Batray looked like a 40 lb salmon” (Seriously, you should just audition for Jackass- the movie)


For those that have been fishing for a long time, the suicide club is a common stop.We have all been there and done that. In fact it may even be considered a right of passage, as it test our ability to handle great loss and rebounding capabilities. I hope this article helps you be a better fisherman, friends and wingmen.

Til, next time, tight lines and sharp hooks! – THELOSTANCHOVY


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