Shelter Cove Thresher Sharks

6 Jul


GOAL: SOLO a Shelter Cove Thresher Shark or Land a CHROME

Last Years Thresher Fight

Day 1:

Haven’t fish with my buddy David (Capt. Quang) for a long time. He’s been a good friend of mine for years and was one of the first person that I fish with when I started Kayak Fishing. We decided to give shelter cove a shot over the holiday weekend.






Made it to the cove at the break of dawn and started to unload the Yak. As I was unloading, from the distance I hear, LOST ANCHOVY?? “WHO DAT BE”, I responded. From the distance I see the local Salmon King himself LoletaEric!!






We made good conversation and caught up on old times and new news. I made my way out to about 60 ft and start working my bait. The Ling Cod was thick and RF biting. Much of the morning was the same.

Around early noon I drifted north and I get a TAP on my line…I let out line and started to feel a good shake. As I pull it up I see CHROME! And a good 20 lber by eye ball. It notices my yak and makes a buck wild dash. I play it but eventually feel the pop and slack! (ARGH Barbless hooks!)

It takes a real man to let out his emotions cause I cried like a baby…Inside of course.

 DAY 2:






Having good luck on day 1, I decided to head over to the same location and redo the drift. After about 3 hours of steady RF and Lingcod I was fed up and headed over the whistle to fish. I hear lots of radio chatter about salmon being caught around the “HAT”, and near the “Eye”, both local terms used to describe areas about 3-4 miles south of the whistle, so it was a “no” go.

I Made it near the whistle under some strong current. I see a few boaters near my location fishing mostly bottom fish and a few Kayakers doing the same. I marked bottom at 80 ft and fished my herring in 60 ft.

Shortly after putting my bait down I get a quick jerk on my bait….LINGCOD??? MUTHE&FKER. Leave me alone!! BUT….My Pole goes BENDO big time and starts screaming off the spool. My line goes “OUT” this time and I feel good shakes on my rod tip. I quickly set the hook and the fish books right and heads for the surface. SALMON!?? Or Thresher? (COULD THIS BE IT!!)


Then my line goes slack and immediately I see a 100 lb+ Thresher breach the water and slams down from a distance. My heart goes 0-60 in a matter of seconds. I quickly take back line and get my line tight. It takes drag and my pole into the water and takes a lot of blistering runs for the next 45 minutes along with 3 other jumps.

Finally as I get it closer to my boat it takes another jump and body wraps itself on my line. As it dives I feel my line rubbing against the body getting shredded. It takes another big run and my line POPS!! Argh! The agony of defeat is too much sometimes to bear. Again I cried…

I set out to SOLO a thresher and came up short. I set out to get chrome and came up short. Started feeling like Lebron in the finals…what more can I do??

Regardless I got to share good times with a good friend and fish with NCKA brothers. Lose fish but make friends… Life is good – THE LOST ANCHOVY

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