Oyster Point Halibut Fish and Learn 2018

28 Feb

Readers of TLA,

I’ve been thinking about this idea for awhile now, and have decided to execute it this year(Based on participation). The California Halibut season is quickly approaching and I would like to hold my first ever Fish and learn.

The purpose of the Fish and Learn is to provide an avenue for new or seasoned kayak fishing Anglers to get together to FISH and LEARN. I have learned many hard lessons as a season angler and I feel that it is time to pass this knowledge along.Come Fish, Come Chill, Come Learn.







Learn about:

Bait Choices for California Halibut
Best locations in the bay and ocean to target Halibut
Targeting tides
How to properly net/gaff halibut
Learn how halibut migrations around the bay.
Preparing your catch.

Basic Kayak Fishing Tips:
Dress for immersion
Emergency plans
The Importance of PFDs and fishing buddies

Date is TBD based on participation. I am thinking (Mid-April to Early May). If you are interested please comment below.. If there is enough interest i will organize and move forward. This post will be updated accordingly.

Update: It seems like there is enough interest to move forward with this. Looking at the tide charts and moon phases, It looks like Saturday May 12, 2018 is the best date. I will set up a small event registry in the events section for those wishing to participate.

Tide Table: (May 11-13)

Tides for Oyster Point Marina starting with May 11, 2018.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
           /Low      Time    Feet    Sunset                    Visible

F   11      Low   4:31 AM     1.4   6:03 AM    Rise  4:08 AM      24
    11     High  10:09 AM     5.3   8:09 PM     Set  4:13 PM
    11      Low   4:12 PM     0.8
    11     High  10:39 PM     6.6

Sa  12      Low   5:09 AM     0.8   6:02 AM    Rise  4:40 AM      16
    12     High  11:07 AM     5.4   8:10 PM     Set  5:16 PM
    12      Low   4:53 PM     1.0
    12     High  11:10 PM     7.0

Su  13      Low   5:47 AM     0.1   6:01 AM    Rise  5:13 AM      9
    13     High  12:01 PM     5.7   8:10 PM     Set  6:22 PM
    13      Low   5:33 PM     1.3
    13     High  11:42 PM     7.3



29 Replies to “Oyster Point Halibut Fish and Learn 2018

    • TBD determined for now. I’m just sending out feelers for the Fish and Learn. If there is a good response i will organize something and possibly seek some small sponsorships for those that attend.

  1. Very interested in sharing ideas, skills, and comradely. I didn’t make registration for last halibut derby in alameda, but went anyway ( I live there). Caught the biggest fish. Tried to chat with a few people…found them all a little “cliquey”. Would love to become part of an inclusive kayak fishing community

    • I was at the Rock Wall tournament as well. Showed up not knowing anyone besides my buddy who came with me. My impression was totally opposite of yours. I found everyone there approachable, encouraging and friendly. I’d never caught a halibut and had no clue what I was doing but still had a blast out there. Looking forward to this event as it seems there will be more sharing of technique, etc. as that’s what I need. You didn’t try to talk to me as I would have been happy to chat. I’m in Alameda as well.

        • I’m certainly not here to bring peeps down. Yes, familiar with how to share a beer and hang out. As a firefighter, also familiar with camaraderie. I’ve had to break in to tight knit groups for common goals. Just sharing my opinion. I’m a hunter as well. I always share info on animals whereabouts, habits, bait, techniques. Anxious to learn from others.

  2. Jonathan, There are groups of us that have been in the kayak fishing community for a long time and we know each other very well.(Probably why we put off the cliquey vibe), some of us have been to each others weddings and much more. –It’s a brotherhood. When i first started i felt the same way, but i slowly reached out and got to know people. Sharing a few beers tends to do the trick!! Try to find some people that you mesh with and spend some time fishing with them. Offer people some of your bait and any knowledge you may have picked up. I’m sure over time you will find that inclusive kayak community you have been looking for. That’s when it is hard to work cause your buddies always calling you out to fish!! and your wife starts giving your dirty looks. lol

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