Muir Beach Thresher Shark Fishing

21 Jul

Muir Beach Thresher Shark Fishing

“Who’s going for Muir on Sunday for Threshers/Salmon?”
Alright Cowman, It’s me and you. Gonna slay some sharks. You ready?

Goal for the day

*Not eat sht on the surf line
*Catch at least one Thresher or Salmon
*Don’t get attacked by a GWS

Check, Check Check.

HATS off Cowman (NCKA)

Let me say this first. Cowman is a “BEAST”. The man has the heart of a shark and he ate it too. Against all odds he’s down to fish and fish hard. Hats off to you and congrats on your first thresher.

We made plans with several friends to fish Muir but in the end the Cow and I made the trek to land this “Beast of a fish”, that has eluded me for 2 years.

Arriving at MUIR

We arrive at 7 a.m. to flat waters and ankle slapper waves. We unloaded the yaks and by 8:30 a.m. made it through the waves and out in the water.

Immediately outside the cove we were greeted with warm flat and murky green water. I mark scattered bait up and down the water column with concentrations of bait in 40 ft. We managed to pull up two live Spanish macs, and Dan drops down his volunteer.

I see large markings on the bottom and it was clear…”Something was on the FEED”

I turn over and I see a big “THUMP” on Dan’s pole. “DUDE you just got HIT…It’s coming back. Hold on.” A second later his pole goes completely crazy and… “BENDO” big time. I look over and a big Thresher jump right in front of my yak! Holy Sht dude…HOLD ON!!” The fish does crazy runs but eventually finds its freedom when the line breaks. ARGH. —strike one.

We reset and Dan reties a new leader line. By 10:00 a.m. I see a school of bait move through my FF with large markings following them. My bait was directly in its line of sight. I see on the corner of my eye a “THUMP” on my rod, and my heart races!! I pick up the pole and hold it in my hand in anticipation. Immediately the fish comes around and takes my pole to the water!! FISH ON!!








I few minutes later, and some serious work, the fish breaks surface and takes some amazing aerial leaps. AWWW “I LOVE YOU THRESHER!!”   After the fireworks show, we settle down for the eventual tug a war that lasted an hour. I pulled it to the surface 4 times and 4 times it takes all my line back. As Dan was waiting for the assist, a Thresher breaks surface right next to him and does an aerial show. WTF?? Oh wow… It’s sharky here. Eventually my fish gives up and we settle the score! “ONE IN THE BOX!” and my first on the boat” – STOKED!

Double Trouble

By now we were a few miles off south of the cove. We were content to go in but decided for one more shot at it. We reset and I hand Dan a freshly Brine Herring over an area that was holding bait.





It wasn’t five minutes before his pole goes BENDO AGAIN! I turn around and I see a thresher breaks surface, jump and thrash its tail on the surface. He takes control and they start their long dance.

As I waited for the show to conclude I had a line in the water. I see markings around my bait and get the familiar “THUMP”


The markings on my FF goes bonkers and my pole gets SLAMMED!! It takes off big time and spools 150 yards of line on full drag. I see Dan in the distance and Radio “DOUBLE HOOK UP DUDE”

I see the fish break surface and the tail splashing water left and right. OH MAN!! It drags me closer to the rocks and I get worried. Luckily the circle hook pops off and I get a safe release. (Side note – I was going to C&R as I had one already on the boat).






I come over to Dan and he’s done with his fish. We get it safely landed and secured.Feeling pretty good we headed back to the cove. Before I can get of my Yak the “Celebrity Status starts” We get a big crowd around our yaks. We made good conversation and was courteous to all the on lookers.

We made our way back to parking lot, loaded our yaks and took left the cove with fresh memories of great fishing along the California coast. Life is good – The Lost Anchovy.

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