Muir Beach Salmon are running…Kinda

29 Jun

Muir Beach Salmon Report

Decided that I would give my first salmon shot of the season on Sunday. Got to the gate at 6:45 a.m. and launched by 7:30 a.m.  Surf was forecasted at 1 ft but in reality it was about 2-3 feet. The fishing was spotty for most of the day with charters and private boaters picking up one here and there. 20150628_071248

It was slow until about 9:00 a.m. when all of a sudden the water starts popping around me. I looked on my fish finder and see stacks of bait 40 ft down. Picked up my sabiki rod and jigged up some live bait sized CHOVIES. Pinned one and sent it down to the bottom. Before I could reset I get a drive by BUMP and slam, scratch bait. I marked the location and call the guys over to the spot.

Pinned another chovie and sent it down. Immediately the pole gets SLAMMED and starts to bend over. I quickly reel to set the hook and my pole goes into the water and the fish starts to peel line and run all over the place. It makes a few dashes and a jump before tiring out. I take my time and eventually net it without problems.


I trolled with the NCKA guys for a few more hours before starting to head in. As I come in I see Raydon drifting for butts near shore so I drop a line and chill with him. Ironically we start talking about Threshers when his pole goes BENDO and starts to peel line! We see a tail slap on the water and he confirms it is a baby thresher. He lands it like a pro and we take a quick photo.

Made it through the surf without it being too eventful, but the surf report is definitely wrong on this one. Always glad to be on the water. Always better with NCKA brothers. Good times, flat seas and biting fish. Life is good. – Lost Anchovy

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