Bo Bo Bolinas where art tho Salmon?

25 Aug

Bo Bo Bolinas where art tho Salmon?
By Keith Nguyen

We arrived at BO with the guys at 6:00 a.m. The forecast for the day looked great and I had good hunch that the salmon would be there. Chet made plans to get the day off and crazy too. Scurvy decided to make a last minute appearance to the hook up.

By 7 a.m. the fleet arrived on the fishing grounds. Most of the boats worked near the buoy and north. Heading out we marked lots of bait around 40 -50 ft, near the same location we had success a few week prior.

The morning ended up being SLOW! About a 100 boats fished the grounds and we saw 6 nets fly all morning.—Yeah it was like that. By 10:30 a.m. the fleet scattered and moved off to another location leaving us and a few boats to work the grounds.

I was still hopeful the afternoon bite would materialize. Around noon we started to mark life on the screens and the scene felt different from the morning. From the distance I saw a dozen of birds diving and smashing a bait ball. We worked our way to the scene and CHET pulls up two baby kings. Hmmm feels FISHY!

“Keith I have a feeling they are here”
“Yeah me too…It just feels different.”
(Addicts intuition I suppose. It’s like a crack head near crack. They go nuts and nothing is gonna stop them from getting the high)

I switched up to trooching and worked around the action. Suddenly, my rod gets a big THUMP! And I knew it was a KING. I made hast and got it to surface quickly. It saw me and immediately made B-line on the surface, and spit the hook. (Guestimate to 15lbs)—Heart break.

I’m sure the guys heard multiple moans and groans, and silent whimpers as I licked my wounds. Suicide watch was in full effect, given I lost my only sizable fish on a very slow day. Holding my tears back and cleaning the snot from my nose I got back on the wagon.

20 minutes later, I caught another scene unfold with diving birds attacking bait. I raced towards the scene and saw what I was looking for—Scattered bait balls amist a feeding frenzy with suspect marks!

I dropped by bait down to 30 ft and immediately hooked up. FISH ON!! I fought and got it to surface quickly, and dispatch it fast.( one on the boat). I dropped a second SEX Chovie down and felt an immediate thump on the line. Huh?? ALREADY?? But the bite was unmistakable—I had a Chrome pecking the bait (a familiar scene from my years fishing the cove). I fed it line and waited for it to fully take the bait before trying anything hasty.

It pecked…
It pecked…
It pecked…
It pecked…
And pecked some more.

I felt the weight and hammered the circle hooks into its mouth. FISH ON!! This fish felt stronger and had more muscle. It bent my rod 90 degrees into the water and started to peel line off line. It made multiple smattering runs until I got it to surface.

“It’s a good one Jon”
“Yeah 30 lber? Keith”
“hahah No, but good”

It shook its head ferocity trying to expel the impaled hooks. It ran and smashed the surface before making a run under the boat and into the green moss depth of the ocean. Finally after a hard fought battle it surrenders and gets in the net. LIMITS!—Albeit tough tough limits.

We fished for another hour, but it was clear the fish moved on, and the scene slowed significantly. We got back to shore, cleaned up the yaks, and threw on the BBQ. Another successful day on the water, but the hunt continues for the Mark – 30 lb of sweet chrome. To be continued…






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