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Earlier this year, I had a problem for a Kayak Angler who prides his catch on freshness. My catch was coming home less fresh, and partially decayed. I needed to find a solution, and I need one fast. My fishing efforts was being wasted by sub par preparation methods.

My research mainly pinged me to sponsored sites trying to sell me their solution to my problem. BIG BULKY EXPENSIVE COOLERS!! With the latest and greatest features, but for a practical fisherman it didn’t make sense or was very practical. This isn’t to say the methods didn’t work, because they do, but it wasn’t efficient and effective for the kind of fishing I do? (Run and gun fishing)

After a lot of research, reviews and trails this is the best method for I’ve found, with a Lost Anchovy twist.


As a kayak angler I put my gear through a lot, and I mean A LOT. The gear has to be durable and dependable above all else. I’ve been through a lot of different methods and this method just seems to work best for me.

Is the YETI HOPPER worth the hype and cost?
Here is quick Chovie rating:

Durability: 10
Functionality: 9
Total Score: 8.0

Keeping your catch cold like a beer: (That’s How I roll)

I want to keep my catch cold. No ICE FROZEN, on day trips, to seal in the freshness and the Yeti cooler is a very practical solution. Hard shell coolers are effective but bulky and take up precious cargo space. Hard Shell cooler such as the RTIC 45 or 65 are good multi-day trips along the coast, but the Yeti is my go to day trip cooler—hands down.

NOTE: There are alternative products available such as the RTIC soft shell cooler, but since I don’t own one, or experimented with them, I cannot form an educated opinion on them, nor will I try.

Freeze it with SALT SLUSH!

SALT SLUSH!! Is the answer for the day-trip warrior.

The mixture of salt water and ice is my go to method for preserving my catch. The mixture of salt and ice brings down the core temperature inside the yeti. The salt-ice combination lowers the core temperature inside the bag and produces a ice cold bath for the fillets. This keeps the catch ice-cold! For the journey home.


Filleting fish on site in necessary for this technique. Stick the fillets inside a zip lock and submerge them in the mixture. The freshness and quality of the catch is nothing short of commercial status.

Multi Purpose Functionality






(Multipurpose the Yeti Hopper)

Repurposing gear is the best way to keep tackle and gear light for trips along the coast. Packing light and repurposing items decreases cost and energy after a long day on the road and water. For example, I use the Yeti hopper to keep my BBQ, drinks and condiments cold. Afterwards, I reuse the cooler to keep my catch cold for the journey home—Killing two birds with one stone.


The YEIT hopper 20 is a great tool to keep your catch cold, fresh and secure for a day trip down the coast. It can be repurposed to decrease cargo space in the car and provides an excellent alternative for the gun and run kayak fisherman. The price is prohibitive and is not certainly for everyone. The hopper is a heavy-duty soft shell cooler and has an excellent warranty. It gets a GOOD CHOVIE review.

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