Hot Cali Hali Action at the Hotel Halibut

3 May


“I’m a returning guest. I’ve had a long travel day and I need some rest. I was called in from management for some work. ”,

“You are in luck sir. We just have three rooms recently open. The tenants were unfortunately evicted for staying past their due. Apparently our world-class buffet, great weather and excellent water conditions have our guest…how can I say it kindly…staying a little longer than expected, but management has taken care of the issue. Have a great stay sir”

Audio Report

Report May 2.2017

It’s great to be back at the hotel. The warm weather, great tides and willing cali hali
bites have made this a great year so far for the delicious flat fish.

I arrived at the launch to clean water…bummer…I wanted to fish sturgeon before getting on the butts, and that was the plan between crazy and me, but with clear water, it got me thinking twice. We packed the gear, passed out the bait, and left for the fishing grounds. The clear water turned into muddied water the farther we got out, and my decision to forgo the sturgeon bait and anchor immediately seemed like a bad one.

We drifted through the bait and crazy hails me through the VHF
“Dude you see that…look on the bottom. Haha your friends are here”, he joked and waived from the distance.

“DAMN IT!! Bad call. My bad. Should have followed my gut!”

The party boats arrived like clockwork and stated to drift over the bait balls swirling through the water column. One by one captains made their announcement over the PA.

“Ok guys, lets go head and try here”
While I thought, I’m glad I’m not stuck on those over crowded boats.

The muddied water made the bite difficult but not impossible. Crazy and I worked the middle and outside ground while Ariel and his class went south. The morning tide drifted the armada of boats outside the gate and the action started to pick up.

Tap Tap Tap…crazy poles signals that something came for breakfast. He sets the hook and the fish takes off!!!

“FISH ON” he signals on the radio.
“Darn…Undersize.”, he radio’s back minutes later.

But something was clearly different with his voice. He’s finally got the taste of live bait action and it was taking hold of him—slowly but surely.

The morning repeated the same action…again and again, as we shook off shaker after shaker—All 19-21 inchers great. Finally as the morning came to close, I get my first “real” take down. The pole loads up heavy and goes to the water, and the drag engages the fish. It takes off line and pounds the rod tip like a Ron Jeremy in his prime.


It had some weight, but not the kind to get my heart pumping. I get it to the surface and net it to the boat. It measures 23–keeper!! One in the boat. I clean the gear and started another drift as the adrenaline in my blood dialed back.

The day passed with a lot of shakers, but no more keepers. I work the flagpole on the way back before the wind picked up and pushed us off the water. On land shifra, ariel, jon and I got our BBQ on the cool afternoon breeze cooled us off from the bay area heat.




(Team Lost Anchovy w/ a fish a rod)


Team Lost Anchovy with  fish a rod

“I would like to check out today. I don’t want to over stay my welcome.”
“Yes sir…how was your stay with us?”
“Excellent. I appreciate the map with all the hot spots and attractions, but I got a question?”
“Anything sir.”
“I’ve noticed a lot of small kids at the hotel. And a creepy Asian guy stalking them. Is this normal?”
“Unfortunately management has decided to gear the hotel towards family friendly activities sir. And yes we are aware of the Asian gentleman you mention. His name is Mr. Sea. He started staying with us shortly after the kids arrived.”
“Yeah, I remember sin city at the hotel. That was the good.”
“Yes sir, that was a long time ago…and thank you for your staying with us again Mr. Chovie. Management will let you know when we are next in need of your eviction services again. “


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