The Lost Anchovy Fishing Report 2016

The Lost Anchovy Fishing Report 2016


San Luis Reservoir/ Ca Delta:  “Muddy” is the best word to explain the conditions in the delta right now. The rains and fresh water flow has made fishing for stripers …well “SLOW”. The pockets of clean water is the key getting them to bite, however, the cold conditions have put them on lock jaw. Most anglers have turn their focus to fishing for the delta sturgeon. With the impending rain coming; interest for this prehistoric fish will pick up soon. (Grass, Mud, Ghost shrimp, Lamprey Ell, and worms), are all great baits for this fish.  SLR fishing has been slow. The water at the forebay is stained and muddy but fish are bitting on minnows and trolling A-rigs. Fisherman willing to withstand the cold are seeing action in 120 feet at the main drifting live minnows near the trash racks. The fish are mainly between 50 and 120 ft.

Oniell Forebay: The salmon season is quickly coming to a close even if there are a few official weeks left. The fall striper runs are in full swing and there is a plethora of fish in the delta system with the proper know how. Fall and into early winter is a great time to hit San Luis Reservior and the Oniell Forebay for striped bass. The brutal summer winds are down and make for good fishing.  That is where this lost anchovy will be.

HMB 10.1.2016: There is King Salmon to be had a HMB if anglers put in the time. The fleet mainly worked the area between the two green cans and around the schools of Anchovies. Trolling has been the preferred method for anglers but with the large schools of bait, mooching is equally effective.  There are schools of salmon are moving into the bay and up the sacramento river. The shorelines lines from Benicia to Iselton are producing fish with anglers trolling double bladed slivertons. The Oroville salmon are also biting in the early morning if anglers are willing to put in the time. Good Luck!

Bolinas 9.24.2016: The fleet still continues to work the Duxbury to middle grounds area for Kings. Large schools or anchovies continue to  hover near the green can, but the fishing has really really slowed down. The south swell  has slowed the fishing down, but for those willing to put in the time there are large trophy size fish in the spotty action.

Bolinas 9.17.2016:  The main fleet has been working the inside of the Bolinas area over the weekend. The bite has been at grey light until 9:30 a.m. then the fish are spotty. The majority of the fleet has been trolling but mooching around the bait balls is just as effective.

HMB 9.11.2016. It’s that time of the year when the pen salmon in Half Moon bay start to make their way back to the harbor where they were raised. There was a large fleet of boats out over the weekend working the green can right outside the harbor.  The fish have been actively feeding at gray light; so get out early. There are lots of croakers on the bottom so bring lots of bait or fish with artificial.  25-30 ft down has been the magic number.

HMB 8.28.2016. The summer months are winding down and the salmon are starting to make their migrations in to the rivers. A school of Salmon have been found outside HMB. Find the bait and mooch/troll around them. 25-40 ft is a good bet to target salmon.  The bay is still producing halibut. There have been reports of halibut being caught at Paradise Cay.

Santa Cruz/ HMB 8.13.2016. “There are no fish in Santa Cruz”.  Yes you heard it here first. Except for the winner of the Kayak Connection Fishing Derby who won on a 26 lb WSB. Overall the conditions around santa cruz is less than optimal. School of spanish macks are cruising around but the larger school of sardines and anchovies are non-existent. HMB may start to come alive soon. There are lots of bait cruising around the red and green cans. There was a fleet of 8-9 squid boats working the area to the left of the markers. Maybe it’s time to get ghost hunting–Get ready.

Shelter Cove/Humboldt bay 8.5.2016. The salmon bite is heating up on the north coast. The shelter cove area is producing salmon but the action has been streaky. There is bait on the inside and the salmon are feeding on them.  The grade of the fish is between 15-20 lbs. The Humboldt bay salmon bite is on and off but when the action is “on” it is hard to beat!! the Kayakers are finding fish on the inside of the harbor floating live and frozen bait. There was also a report of salmon caught in 7 ft of water right outside the launch. There is less than a week left before the salmon season closes. Go GET some!

Northern California Report,7.25.2016.
The seas life in Monterey bay is starting to come alive for the summer. The squid have moved into the bay and anxious anglers are awaiting the arrival of the white sea bass . The seiners can be found from santa cruz down to Parajo working the squid spawns. Local kayak fisherman are getting on the halibut bite in Capitola/santa cruz drifting live mackerel on the bottom.

There is also good reports of strip bass working the surf line outside the golden gate bridge near pacifica. Large schools of bait outside linda mar beach are drawing the bass to the surf line. Catching live bait with a sabiki lure and drifting flylining it along the surf line is a good technique for a striper.

Up north, the action is red hot in Humboldt bay. There is schools of large chinook salmon and california halibut roaming inside the bay. Give Eric Stockwell a ring if you want to get into large chinook salmon or a Cali hali up north. He is the premier kayak guide in humboldt county.

Paradise Cay, 7.16.2016. The wind blew and it blew, and it blew more.  It was tough on local bay area fisherman. Most people stayed off the bay or fish early. I wasn’t so smart. There is  a lot of bait stacked outside the paradise park in 25-30 ft of water, and the fish are feeding with the smaller tides. The bait have moved away from oyster point and the area is a dead zone. The salmon continue to feed off the marin coast. The fleet moved up to tomales point and elephant rock but the bite has slowed down. The fishing up the  north coast is getting HOT! Shelter cove, and humbolt bay have been producing great action. The halibut have been chomping and the salmon have finally arrived.

Big Sur, California 7.2.2016. The fishing at the rockwall has hit a “wall”. The larger fish have moved out of the area. The bay is still carpeted with many many many undersized butts. Big Sur is still producing a good number of Lingcod and Rockfish. The fish have been on the smaller side but the schools are numerous. Limits of RF is the norm at the BIG.

Alameda, Ca 6.12.2016: Ok, i’m kinda stuck fishing at the rockwall. It’s been years since the wall has been this productive. Large school of smelt and pinhead anchovies have been hanging out around the rock wall. The larger predator fish have been active at the end of the tides. Trolling has still been productive.

Alameda, Ca 6.5.2016: There are a lot of pinhead anchovies found along the Alameda Rockwall. Much of the bait is located at the of the first wall. The water temperature in the bay waters hit 66 degrees and with decent tides for this upcoming weekend the halibut bite should steadily pick up.

Alameda,Bolinas Ca, 5.14-5.16, 2016: The bait has moved into the bay and along the coast, and the larger predator fish are following. The tides this week are good for halibut and with bait stacked in the bay it’s prime time to go fishing. The salmon are roaming along the coast, particularly from Muir to Bolinas ca. The water temperature and feed conditions are prime for salmon to go on the bite. The fish have been biting in the morning on the troll.