The Lost Anchovy Fishing Report 2015

The Lost Anchovy Fishing Report 2015

Oyster Point Marina, 4.16.2015: The halibut fishing went off this weekend at Oyster Point in south San Francisco. Getting there at the right time during the tide is KEY. The fish were biting near the end of the outgoing tide for 35-45 minutes.  There were plenty of bait scattered in the area and the water was clear.

Anchor Bay, Ca 11.14.2015: The big swells and storm front coming from the pacific northwest caused dangerous conditions for the ocean this week. Coupled with 40 mph wind gust and it a no go this week for the ocean. Some brave kayakers did attempt to fish at AB but the fishing was slow due to the large swells.

Santa Cruz, Ca 10.24.2015: Santa Cruz was slow over the weekend. The ocean swell has really put bottom fishing out. Spanish and green back macks are still plentiful outside the mouth of the harbor in 40-50 ft.

Bolinas, Ca 9.27.2015: Mainly trolled for salmon. The bait balls are thick and there is greats salmon waters at Duxbury. The Salmon are of mix grade but there have been some slugs caught. Trolling has been the best bet for salmon. 35-45 pulls on a slow cone and green FBR has been working.

Bolinas, Ca 9.25.2015: Salmon are still being caught in Bolinas. Yesterday was a slower than last week. The bait is hanging thick on the inside around 50ft. Best depth is 35-45 ft trolling anchovies.

Bolinas, Ca 9.13.2015:  The fall is nearly here and the salmon are hanging outside the marin coast feeding on bait fish until it is time to make their push through the gate or up the rivers. Salmon can be found anywhere from Muir, Duxbury or Bodega bay. Most fish are caught between 35-40 ft down near bait balls.

Shelter Cove/Albion, CA 8.10.2015:  It’s been a dismal year fishing for Salmon for kayak fisherman. Water temperature continues to be too warm for a solid salmon bite but there can be fish found around.  There is bait floating the Albion Cove. Water temperatures dipped to 58-60 degrees and salmon can be found around the bait balls, pinnacles and ledges. Rockfish are biting well in the morning with some massive Lings caught over the past weekend at the tournament.

Muir Beach/ Santa Cruz, CA 7.25.2015 Muir beach continues the hot location for Thresher shark fishing. Local Kayak anglers and power boaters who are targeting this sport fish are finding great success in the shallow waters near the beach. Santa Cruz has been sloooow due to the south swell. The bait has left the harbor area and has moved North/or south pass Capitola.

Muir Beach, CA 7.19.2015 There is bait hanging out on the inside of the cove up to 60 ft of water. Bait is a mix of mackerel, sardines and anchovies. The fleet has mainly left the area to fish in bodega bay for salmon. Thresher sharks continue to hunt just outside the cove in 50-60 ft of water. Fishing for Thresher sharks is HOT right now with fish ranging from 50-80 lbs.

Shelter Cove, CA 7.3-7.5/2015 There is bait stacked outside the shelter cove marina. Crab can be found closer to shore and within kayaking range. The Salmon are finally showing signs of life in the Shelter Cove area but just out of reach of Kayakers. Most of the salmon can be found near the “HAT” area, which is about 3-4 miles south of the whistle in the early morning and near the eel canyon (7) miles north of shelter. There are salmon in the shallows just outside the light house and near the whistle but not numbers. Shelter Cove can be a good bet for a Thresher shark as the fish are actively hunting for bait fish in 40-50 ft of water around SC.

Muir Beach, CA 6.28.2015: The bait is stacked at Muir Beach but the salmon have been slow on the bite. There have been rumors of a new school coming into the marin coast from up north. The fishing on sunday was scratchy with party and private boaters picking up a fish here and there. I managed to pull a salmon out in the early morning. There was a small bite early and into the late morning. Most anglers are catching fish on Anchovies.

Santa Cruz, CA 6/19-6/22:  There are lots of bait in the bay. The bait are mainly greenback and spanish mackerel. The occasional sardine is also in the mix. The lingcod are the best bet in Santa Cruz by fishing smaller spanish mackerel around the reefs. The halibut are also starting to show in the familiar locations: Lighthouse, Mile Buoy, and in front of the Santa Cruz Harbor.  The halibut are big so remember to bring a BIG NET or gaff to properly land them! Water is still too warm for salmon so we will still need to be patient.

Berkley Flats 3.30.2015: There has been solid reports of Halibut in the Bay. It seems the season is starting to shape up to be an epic one.  We fished with live bait near the Berkeley pier for one 19 lb halibut.

Paradise Cay 3.14.2015:  There have been a solid number of bait circling around paradise cay over the past weekend.  I did witness two halibut caught off the boating lanes in front of the pier during the early incoming tide.  The halibut bite seems to be good in the Berkeley, richmond and paradise area. Trolling or using live bait, if available, is the best option.

Shadow Cliffs Regional Park 2.21.2015: Shadow cliffs regional park is the place for local bay area trout.  Shadow Cliffs is known for large mutant trout that will satisfy AOTY participants, family and kids alike. DFG has recently
restocked the lake with 1000 lbs of trout and are routinely stocking the lake. Trolling spoons and rapalas  between 10-20 ft is the best bet to land a trout.

Herring Spawn Update 2.3.2015 Herring are currently spawning at Pt. Molate in Richmond.