The Lost Anchovy Fishing Report 2014

 The Lost Anchovy Fishing Report 2014

HMB (Pillar Point Harbor, Ca) Date 11. 6.2014:  The Dungeness crab opener is off to a strong start! Most Kayak crabbers are making limits close to the harbor in 30-40 ft of water. They are looking for sandy bottom to set their gear. A 30 minute soak per pot will produce 2-3 crabs per pull.

Leffingwell Ca, Date 9.27.2014: Fished the Cambria Slam with 155 other Kayak Fisherman. The weather was good in the early morning with flat conditions until 11:00 a.m. The afternoon winds picked up and made conditions unfishable. Inshore fishing in 30-50 ft of water produced the largest fish.  Artificial Lures tipped with squid or drifting with Whole squid produced the best action.

HMB (Pillar Point Harbor, Ca) Date 9.21.2014:  Conditions were pretty good with fair to moderate swells and winds. By mid afternoon the ocean became flat. Scattered bati outside the harbor. Most of the boats headed south past the second green can and down to the ritz. Fish are still had but getting harder to scratch one up. Best, bet maybe to fish Dux for a late season king salmon.

HMB (Pillar Point Harbor, Ca) Date 9.13.2014: Fished HMB for salmon on Saturday 9.13.2014. Conditions were flat calm with moderate swells mixed in.  Early morning fog that dissipated by the afternoon.  There was scattered bait from inside the harbor to outside side both green cans. The anchovies are good tray sized bait and the salmon are feeding around them. Mooching has been difficult with the Crokers so it is best to troll.

TIP of the Week: There is still a substantial amount of large anchovies outside the Santa Cruz Harbor near the mile buoy on the inside. I have marked holes in the bait balls so possibly salmon feeding through them? Move farther north towards daven port with live anchovies wouldn’t be a bad idea right now, as the halibut are pretty big.

There have also been reports of Salmon outside the harbor in HMB between the green and red cans near the bait balls. The conditions maybe spotty, but maybe worth giving it a shot as well.

Santa Cruz, Ca Date 9.1, 2014:  The south swell has subsided but the fishing is still slow.  There are massive schools of tray sized anchovies hanging outside the harbor. If you need bait go get them and freeze them for that huge salmon or halibut! Now is the time.

Shelter Cove, Ca Date 8.29 -8.30, 2014:  Fished Shelter Cove, Ca in humboldt for a few days. There have been schools for salmon working the shallows of shelter cove. Best method is mooching anchovies near the bottom right in front of the light house in 50-60 ft of water.  Thresher sharks are a common occurance up there for the past month, and hooking up with one wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Make heavy leaders and be ready for a sleigh ride and the fight of your life.

White Sea Bass around HMB – There have been rumors of commercials working WSB in front of Martin’s beach all the way up to montara beach. Early morning bite as usual.

HMB (Pillar point Harbor, Ca) Date 8.23 -24, 2014: Fished HMB for salmon for two days.  Saturday the bait was scattered up to 10 a.m.  Fish were being caught in the front of the green can to the red on the troll. Mooching was best near the scattered bait balls. Snotty conditions. Sunday’s weather conditions were better. Bait mainly held right in the front of the harbor along the wall with a small south swell.  No bait was found near the green/red can.  Fishing was non-existent. Called it day by 11 a.m.

HMB (Pillar point Harbor, Ca) Date 8.17.2014: Fished HMB following some solid reports of salmon right outside the harbor.  Plenty of anchovies in the morning and by 8 a.m. guys were landing salmon. Solid salmon bite with most guys getting over a fish a rod. Best bet was to mooch salmon next to the huge bait ball outside the green can.  Early hit on the troll at 7:45 a.m. (20 lb) that spit the hook. Landed two more in on the mooch off fresh anchovies. Fish are biting. Get out there!

Duxberry Reef (Bolinas, Ca) Date: 8.16.2014  Fishing still remains spotty at Dux.  Only saw one salmon landed by the fleet today in 55 ft of water next to a bait ball.  There is a massive school of anchovies from inside the SMR to 55 ft of water. Ended 7 hours trolling/mooching for a skunk.

Duxberry Reef (Bolinas, Ca) Date: 8.10.2014:  Fishing have been spotty at Dux.  Salmon are being caught up and down the water column. Bait is located on the inside near stinson beach.  Didn’t mark much bait balls outside in 60 ft of water as the following week.  Fish are still being caught near the green buoy. Fish are being caught 45 pulls down trolling herring.

Moss Landing, Ca Date: 8.3.2014 Arrived at Moss Landing at 5:30 a.m. The trip was to refill my anchovy supply. The morning was choppy and no boats anywhere to be seen. Most of the fleet seems to be working a spot north of Moss Landing, probably the pajaro poop pipe. I’ve heard of a good halibut bite in that general area. Most of the larger “Bait” size anchovies have moved out of the area in front of the harbor. There was a few pods of whales working the smaller anchovies but lost interest and moved out farther. I did manage to pick up some decent anchovy size bait before they moved out, then only the smaller sized anchovies were left. Mooched the bottom of the bait ball and at 10:30 am. got a big takedown. Felt some head shakes before it broke off. Whatever took the chovie had sharp teeth because it bit straight through my 25lb leader.

Santa Cruz, Ca Date: 8.2.2014 Arrived at the Santa Cruz early in the morning. Aldos parking lot was closed due to the Anchovy Die off.The putrid smell of rotting chovies is equivalent to raw sewage. Went outside the harbor to pick up chovies, but they all must have died in the harbor. Fished outside the harbor in 50-60 ft south of the Mile buoy drifting fresh squid. One take down by a undersized halibut. Saw nothing much happening by the fleet.

Duxberry Reef (Bolinas, Ca) Date: 8.1.2014 Fished Duxberry Reef in Bolinas california. The weather was great with minor chop in the morning. The wind died down y 10:00 a.m. and it was flat afterwards. The commercial fleet was working near the green can. Mark lots of bait balls near the green can in 40 ft of water. Saw some nice fish landed by commercial, boaters and kayakers.