The Lost Anchovy Fishing Report 2018

The Lost Anchovy Fishing Report 2018


Oakland Airport 1.7.2018 –

I decided that I need to get out of bed and fish. Next week starts the last of my three stack journey into coding so i need my fish therapy before getting my brains bashed in with more coding.

Arrived at the OAP to Dino hunt. The water temperature was hovering around 52-53 for most of the day.( Better than the fridge water of the delta). Fished the incoming and marked LOTS of large marks. Alas my combo of ghost and herring didn’t entice a bite.  The hunters in the north bay (San Pablo) did well with a few fish during the incoming.

The first official herring spawn happened today. There have been reports that Aqua Vista Park is having a spawn as of Sunday 1.7.2018. (It seems like the herring like to spawn during the NFL playoffs!!!). SMH. ok guys, good luck and get some fish.

Montezuma Slough/ Alviso 1.1.2018 – Happy New year and welcome to 2018! So what is happening in during these desolate cold winter months? The Anglers willing to go into the subcold and near freezing weather aren’t rewarded with much. (i’m staying home personally with some hot tea and Netflix my brains out),however, there are fish to be had.

The large king tides this past weekend brought out many Dinosaur hunters, however, with the drop in temperature and lack of rain the sturgeon hunting hasn’t  been anything to write home about.  The current water in the delta is between 48-50 degrees. Fish become pretty lethargic at 46. Anglers seem to be doing well on Eel and worms. Remember that sturgeon cards are due by January 31, 2018. The best and easiest method is to report online. The data help researchers monitor the health of the White sturgeon, and set regulations for the upcoming year.

Calling all Herring hunters! The spawn is just around the corner and there have been reports of a large herring school around Richardsons bay (Ferry Point). There have been large schools or birds, sea lions and pelicans hanging around the area. With the upcoming storms this week,  this Anchovy, gut feeling is that things are gonna get going pretty soon!! Stay tuned!