Farmed vs Wild Salmon do you know the difference?

20 Feb

Farmed vs Wild Salmon do you know the difference?

A few years ago, before my kayak fishing years, I had a misconception of what salmon taste like. In fact, this misconception is what i think most people may have regarding this highly regarded fish.

Honestly, I didn’t put much thought into it until 2012 when I caught my first kayak King Salon from Monterey bay –A wild one. I bled it, put it on ice, fillet it, and had it for dinner the following day. The taste impact was so dramatic it would change my view of the food I was eating.

How could eating the “Same” fish,  (Farmed vs. Wild) be so different?
In fact, It felt as if I was eating a different fish. The truth is, my whole life I have been eating farmed salmon. I have been conditioned to accept the flavor, texture and quality as the standard, but it became clear how ignorant I was.

Moving forward, I greatly limited my consumption of farmed raised salmon. I mostly eat salmon I catch from my own line–guarantee to be wild, guaranteed to be fresh; but the question always eluded me—Why was there such a big difference in taste?

How do we know the fish we eat are WILD or Farmed?

Here are a few Interesting articles that I was able to research that shed some light on the fish farming industry, and do a good comparisons between the two.

  • Farmed Salmon Facts

Daily Health Spot
The Mayor Clinic

The general consensus from researchers, biologist and health experts is that wild salmon is much much better for your health—Thus the higher prices and price discrepancies between farmed and wild salmon. I am aware that most agencies and organization have their own agenda, but the science seems to be consistent.

Wild Salmon Caught Salmon

  • Are leaner in appearance
  • Have less fat striations
  • Are rich in Omega 3 oils and nutrients
  • Oils are natural from feeding on forage fish.

Farmed Raised Salmon

  • High concentration of antibiotics and toxins
  • Fed with various feeds. (Corn and fish meals) which is cheaper
  • More prone to parasites and dangerous chemicals used to keep fish immune to virus caused by being penned together.
  • Deep fat striations that harbor the PCB and other harmful chemicals
  • Meat is dyed pink to resemble wild caught salmon.

Authors Note: I actually heard the meat is gray when processed out of the fish pen. Can’t back this up with actual facts, but it would make sense why they would dye the meat pink.

Salmon Confidential Documentary


As humans take over more and more space on this planet the problem of feeding 7 billion+  people is becoming more and more real.The long term benefits of eating fish are well documented, and the rise in the organic food industry is testament to people becoming more educated about their food choices.

This chovie understands the need for maintaining a sustainable food source. In fact fish farming maybe the only way to go about it,  however, we need to make sure the methods used are environmentally safe, and produce safe food for consumption.

Revised 2.21.2017

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  1. Thanks for the information. No more farmed salmon for our me.

    “As humans take over more and more space on this planet the problem of feeding 7 billion+ people is becoming more and more real.”
    May I encourage each one of us to take peaceful action to stop population growth?

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