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Welcome to The Lost Anchovy. A blog and resource guide for kayak fishing in northern California. The Lost anchovy is a:

1) A reference and resource guide for Kayak Fishing (Beginner to Advance).
2) A place to learn simple tricks and tips to help anyone get started or fish better.
3) An organized body of knowledge for the local fisherman.
4) Finally, a blog for Team Lost Anchovy

Team Lost Anchovy








Keith Nguyen and is an avid kayak fisherman in the California Bay Area. His passion for the sport and community is something that has driven him to create this blog. Keith is a member of NCKA (Norcal Kayak Anglers Association) since 2008. He primarily fishes salt water but will fish freshwater in the winter time.

His favorite fish is halibut despite it’s reputation for being dry. His nemesis fish is the California white sturgeon which “had” eluded him for over 5 years.  He doesn’t claim to be an expert. In fact, he is just a guy that likes to fish on a kayak.

Jon Le (Crazyfisher)







Jon’s passion for the Kayak fishing starting in 2015 when he purchased his first kayak, a Hobie outback. Jon’s passion for kayak fish extends both to salt water and freshwater, but he is a striped bass specialist.

During the summer you can find Jon chasing Lingcod, Rockfish, Halibut, Salmon and large pelagic fish in the big blue. The winter months are dedicated to chasing down massive strip bass in the delta system and San Luis Reservoir area. Jon’s largest fish is a delta white sturgeon caught from his kayak in 2017.

During his free time Jon enjoys flying his drone, bowling, golfing and
playing with Rocky.

Ariel Cuna (Ariel_Sea)







Ariel Cuna started fishing in the late 90’s and is a veteran member of the Norcal Kayak Anglers. His passion began in the bay off alameda chasing stripers and halibut in the spring and summer. Since then he has kayak fished in Catalina Island, Channel islands, Baja California to the Northern coast of California.

Ariel enjoys fishing, camping and spending time with his NCKA brothers at events and hook ups through out the spring and summer months.

Ariel’s favorite Norcal species include Halibut, Sturgeon, and striped bass. When he is not fishing you can find him designing and fabricating and welding custom bikes.

2 Replies to “Team Lost Anchovy

  1. Hello fishing comrads, I would like to meet fellow kayak fisherman and join them for big blue water hunt this year! I’ve been fishing all my life, however, started kayak fishing in 2014, and know hooked! I started on a 2014 ocean kayak big game prowler 2, and recently purchased a 2016 Hobie pro angler 14. I became a member of ncka, but unfortunately not yet met any anglers. Please advise me of next fishing outing and I’ll be there!

    • Ray, just look for hook ups on the site. People on the site have their own clicks. I’ll do some hook ups on the
      the lost anchovy in the new year- Just keep checking back. –LA

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