2017 Dungeness Crab Season Opener

11 Oct

2017 Dungeness Crab Season Opener


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The 2017 Dungeness Crab Season is almost upon us and many kayak anglers are waiting in anticipation for the opener in early November. Last year’s crabbing season was a bust due to the Domonic acid situation, and when the season was clear, it was still a bust because the crabs were small and soft.

This year the 2017 Dungeness Crab Season starts off with a few regulations changes. It is mix bag for me, but overall the regulations are positive, and reflect needed changes to the law. For example, the requirement to attach a GO ID number to every crab float, i find to be a good change.

The GO ID number is the unique, 10-digit identifier assigned by the Automated License Data System to your profile. This number will appear on all documents purchased through CDFW (for example, your fishing license).

This regulation will help to ensure that crab traps are being used by the designated operator of the trap in order to prevent others from unlawfully disturbing or removing crab from crab traps.”

In laymen’s term — catch crab thieves, which… if enforced, i fully endorse.  Let the thieves eat their stolen crabs and a $10,000 dollar fine with it. I’m sure it won’t taste as good.

Kayak Crabbing the Opener at HMB

The Dungness crab opener is the highlight of the fall and winter fishery. Many of the bay area kayak crabbing fleet will be heading to HMB for the opener, although there are numerous places that produce just as much.  Here are few things to note if you are considering heading out.

  1. Be mindful of the traffic at the harbor entrance.  Some of the  power boaters will be racing out the entrance like a bat out of hell, while the majority will be respectful. Just stay out of the boating lanes to minimize any confrontation.
  2. DON’T place any traps at the harbor entrance area. It is a disaster waiting to happen. 1) For your gear and 2) for the boats
  3. Weigh down your lines or get weighted line.  Unweighted line can and will get stuck into the propeller of power boats leading to accidents and dangerous situations.
  4. Make sure to have a GPS unit. The ocean is a large place and getting lost in the fog and misplacing traps can really turn a good day south.

Get ready for the Kayak Crabbing Season
The lost anchovy kayak crabbing tutorial

Here is the full article

New Recreational Dungeness Crab Regulations Aim to Reduce “Ghost Fishing” and More


Good luck and tight lines
The Lost Anchovy

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